Sumatran elephant - Conjour - Jason Savage


There were sticks with flames on the end, and the remnants of ant nests burnt on the ground. The villagers use canons to drive the giants back into the jungle. It’s like a war zone. The people know the Sumatran elephant is important but they can be very destructive, even knocking down houses and killing people.

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Dr Alan Rabinowitz, Posthumous Biography, Panthera, Big Cat Conservation

Dr Alan Rabinowitz, Panthera Co-Founder, Has Died

Global conservation hero Dr Alan Rabinowitz has died at 64 after a long journey with leukaemia. He leaves behind a legacy of big cat conservation and inspirational messages for all who care about the planet. If a bucket fills drop by drop, Dr Rabinowitz has flooded the pails.

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the lynx and us - conjour book review - Scotland the big picture

The Lynx and Us – Conjour Book Review

It is these last few chapters that bear the weight of the cover, and that leave one thinking of what, within a generation or so, a walk in the Highlands could entail.

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Aussie Ark - Saving Australias Endangered Animals - Conjour Editorial - Conservation - Eastern Quoll - Feature

Eastern quolls breeding on Australia’s mainland for the first time in half a century

Eastern quolls are breeding on mainland Australia for the first time in 50 years. Incredibly exciting news from the reintroduction efforts of Rewilding Australia!

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Wild Africa - Laurent Baheux - Kenya - Elephants - The Road Is Closed

Wild Africa

Leaving the urban setting and modern life behind, for 15 years I have been privileged to travel through some of the wildest regions left on our planet — compelled to capture the unique personalities and expressiveness of the magnificent wild animals of Africa.

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The Ocean's Ghosts - Ally Kristan - Conjour Editorial - Marine Conservation - Fishing Nets - Sea Turtle Feature

The Ocean’s Ghosts

When I first started working on boats, I was told that anything that floats can be used as a lifesaving device. Now, after spending hundreds of hours on the water, I can tell you that some floats cause thousands of deaths a year.

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Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

Gracefully hovering above the flowering canola, the small insect performs vital work. A pollination process refined over millennia is at risk of seeing its last days, as the bumble bee struggles to cope with pesticides and other threats brought to their doorstep. The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee is but one representative of a wider decline.

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Why Orcas Need Your Help This May - Killer Whales - UK - Sea Watch Foundation - Conjour Conservation Journal Editorial - Feature

Why Orcas Need Your Help This May

One of the mains threats to Orcas are toxic chemicals, which accumulate within their prey before being passed on to the killer whale through the food chain. An Orca called Lulu was found dead in the Isles of Tiree in Scotland during 2016, and Sea Watch Foundation is working to limit these occurrences.

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Aussie Ark - Saving Australias Endangered Animals - Conjour Editorial - Conservation - Eastern Quoll - Feature

Aussie Ark – Saving Australia’s Endangered Species

There is an exciting project under way to return endangered native species to the wild, and it starts with the critically endangered Eastern quoll.

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Interview with Bill Laurance - A Life of Fragmentation - William Laurance - Conjour Interview - Conservation Journal - 0

Interview with Bill Laurance: A Life of Fragmentation

What do you say to a man whose list of conservation awards reads like a Star Wars film intro, who has introduced terms like the ‘hyperdynamism hypothesis’ to the field of ecology, and whose organisation reaches over one million people each week with updates of the scientific kind?

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African Wild Dog - Painted Wolf - Conjour Species Conservation Report - Ben Leigh - Feature

African Wild Dog

With loud yelps echoing through the scrub, the painted bodies call each other together to chase off the offending hyena. Whilst the most efficient hunters of large carnivores on the continent, African wild dogs will still defend a kill with vigour.

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Wild Rhino Heart - Jason Savage - Wildlife Photography Feature - Conjour VI - Rhino Photo Competition

Win a Free Print of a Jason Savage Rhino Photo

Conjour is incredibly excited to announce that, in partnership with Jason Savage Photography, we’re offering our supporters a chance to win a free print of a stunning Rhinoceros photo.

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Wildlife Cuts Through The Noise - Jenni Peters Photography - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Coyote - Feature

Wildlife Cuts Through The Noise

We must spark curiosity to get people to notice more of the world around us and to connect to the emotions to bring about a true sense of caring. Building this emotional and personal connection to nature sometimes is the only way to truly change minds and promote change.

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How To Actually Fix Australias Conservation Crisis - Australia - Kangaroo - Conjour Editorial - Banjoroam Photography - Feature

How To Actually Fix Australia’s Conservation Crisis

Australia arguably has the worst conservation record of any wealthy and politically stable nation. Here’s how to fix it.

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Sudan the last male northern white rhino is dead - Conjour Editorial - Rhinoceros - Conservation - Ol Pejeta Conservancy - Feature

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, is dead

The last surviving male northern white rhino has died in captivity at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in South Africa, where he spent the past nine years under heavy guard to protect him from poachers. This is what extinction looks like.

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Eastern quolls are back from extinction - Eastern quoll reintroduction - Conjour In Situ Update - Feature

Eastern quolls are back from extinction

Landing at the Jervis Bay Airfield at 1pm, they were then transported to the Booderee National Park ranger station to undergo final vet checks before being taken to five different sites where they were released before sunset.

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White Ghost of the North - Brittany Crossman Photography - Snowy Owl - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Conservation Journal - Feature

White Ghosts of the North

These white ghosts of the north are attractive birds and, therefore, attract birders and photographers alike from all over when present in an area.

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Brookfield Zoo - Chicago Zoological Institute - Center for the Science of Animal Care and Welfare - Conjour Zoological Review - Dolphins - Zoology - Feature Image

Brookfield Zoo

“For animals under professional care, the need for welfare management becomes more important since we have a higher ethical and moral responsibility to provide environments and health care that are conducive to their physical and mental wellbeing.”

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How to get robbed and save rainforests - an interview with Rhett Butler of Mongabay - Conjour editorial - Rainforest - Feature

How to get robbed and save rainforests – Interview with Rhett Butler of Mongabay

His life in the field began by getting robbed in Madagascar, but he went back for the lemurs. He’s interested in bioacoustics and the degradation of forests, and he runs one of the leading organisations in conservation journalism and habitat protection. Meet Rhett Butler.

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Turn to Dust Series - The End of Chinas Ivory Trade - Bee-Elle Photography - Elephant Conservation - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Feature

Turn to Dust Series: The End of China’s Ivory Trade

Today, the world’s largest land animal is one of the most endangered species on the planet. The prognosis is grim: with the current rate of poaching, their imminent extinction will occur within the next couple of generations.

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Great Barrier Reef aiming to be saved - Conjour Editorial - Australia Great Barrier Reef - Coral - Reef Fish - Feature Image - 1

Great Barrier Reef aiming to be saved

The Australian Government has announced a plan to spend $60m to improve the future health of the Great Barrier Reef.

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On the hunt for mountain gorillas - Alice Peretie - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - African Gorillas - Feature

On The Hunt For Mountain Gorillas

It’s hot. “Ants! Ants! “ yells Pierre, the head of the gorilla tracking ranger unit. We start running through the leaves, the trees, the vines deep into the forest. After a few minutes, we stop to check ourselves. Ants are climbing up my legs, biting through my trousers, my t-shirt, digging into my skin.

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Sumatra - A Fragile Ecosystem - Part II - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Jason Savage - Indonesia - Feature

Sumatra Part II – A Tiger Track

The elderly man and the rangers began chatting in Indonesian and seemed to be getting quite animated. I’m unsure what’s going on when David turns to me and asks if I would like to go see some tiger tracks. It’s the middle of the day, it’s hot, I’m sweaty. But when I heard those words – tiger tracks – I was suddenly up and about.

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Tropical Corals Suffering From Warmer Seas - Conjour Editorial - Feature Image - Coral Reef with Fish

Tropical Corals Suffering From Warmer Seas

With sea temperatures on the rise, and the cooler periods no longer as cool, tropical corals are under duress – and a new report highlights just how bad it is.

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Red and Silver foxes - vulpes vulpes - Brittany Crossman - Vulpes Vulpes - The Red Fox - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - 2

Hidden Stories 2017

This year we’ve had another 12 months of incredible stories, breathtaking wildlife photography, and endangered species reports. We’ve selected a few of the articles that you may not have seen, but you really need to. Here are our ‘Hidden Stories 2017’:

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Help Bring The Eastern Quoll Home - Conjour In Situ Report - Rewilding Australia - WWF Australia - Feature Image

Help Bring The Eastern Quoll Home

Over three years, starting from early 2018, 100 Eastern Quolls will be reintroduced to the wild at Booderee National Park in NSW. Researchers from ANU will be monitoring their movements to understand the needs of the quoll and help improve their survival in the wild.

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Island Girl Views

I moved to the Hawaiian Islands in high school and found myself immediately drawn to the ocean. I spent afternoons snorkeling, identifying fish and getting very excited when I saw a new species. I wanted to show people what I saw underwater, so I began taking pictures.

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Saving Przewalski's Horse - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - 0

Saving Przewalski’s Horse

The Przewalski’s horse is considered to be the last remaining true wild horse in the world. Due to excessive hunting, Przewalski’s horses eventually became extinct in the wild, with the last horse spotted in Mongolia in 1969. In 1975, a plan was hatched to re-establish the Przewalski’s horse to its homeland in Mongolia.

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Clouded Leopard - Conjour Conservation Report - John White

Clouded Leopard

Silently flowing through the lower canopy of the tropical jungle, a large shadow makes its way along the branch. The clouded leopard is one of the most elusive, cautious predators in the world: a cloud amongst leaves.

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 - Conjour Editorial - 0-1280

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017

Wildlife Photography has never been more important – it connects us to the natural world in a way few other fields can. The results of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 awards are in, and you can see the breathtaking photos right here.

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Eastern quoll reintroductions confirmed for mainland australia - Conjour In Situ Update - Rewilding Australia

Eastern Quoll Reintroductions Confirmed

As part of Rewilding Australia’s work, the Eastern quoll will be released in small numbers – around 20 – into Booderee National Park.

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Photography to Conserve - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Hummingbird - Feature

Photography to Conserve

Children educated under the parameters of this consumer society, where success is measured in terms of how much wealth you can accumulate, are destined to be adults that dry up wetlands to enlarge their crops, will cut hectares of forest to sell their wood, or will simply consume with fervor products that are harmful to the environment.

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The Timbavati - Makanyi Lodge - Conjour Supporter Article - Hornbill - 6

The Timbavati

Makanyi Lodge invited us to stay and experience the beauty that is the Timbavati in South Africa. With a focus on conserving the land, it was unforgettable.

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Those Fences We Built - Gareth Potts - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - 0 - Impala

Those Fences We Built

It was not that long ago that humans lived amongst wildlife in this world, but as we evolved we pushed them further and further away until we decided that the best place for them would be behind huge metal fences. Now we find ourselves in a situation where those fences we built to protect ourselves from them, have become a barrier to protect them from us.

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Saiga Antelope - Conjour Conservation Species Report - Feature


Imagine driving out on the steppes of Kazakhstan. You’re expecting to find large herds of healthy saiga antelope, as females gather here to give birth. Yet what you see shocks you and many others across the world: thousands of saigas lie dead before you, their bodies scattered across the plains.

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Life is a journey not a destination - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Charlotte Cornwallis - Feature Image - Hummingbird - 0

Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination

If my images help to tell a story then I will gain solace from that, and if they ignite a passion and desire to help the natural world be protected and conserved, I will feel more pleasure than any money deposited in my bank account at the end of a month.

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Golden Lion Tamarin - Conjour - Nicole Miller

Fix Fragmentation to Save Species

Fragmentation of critical habitat across the world is threatening the survival of countless species – a fact that is not new to conservation science – but a new study shows just how big an impact on survival rates targeted habitat restoration could have, and how it could be achieved with impressive return on investment.

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Sumatra - A Fragile Ecosystem - Part I - Jason Savage - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Feature Image - Orangutan - 1

Sumatra Part I – A Fragile Ecosystem

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I love the sounds of the wild – I was able to have a front row seat in South Africa as lion calls would bellow across the cool air on a winter’s night, and as a spotted hyena would perform its whooping contact call that pierces your entire body with what I call the sound of Africa. Here, I’ll talk about a new land to which I ventured with a stunningly fragile ecosystem: Sumatra

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Feature Image - The Safari Effect - Bee-Elle - Queen - Conjour Supporter Article

The Safari Effect: Mindfulness, Connections and Freedom

A lilac-breasted roller glides gracefully through the air. Near the riverside, a weary leopard opens her eyes ever so slightly from her resting place on a tree trunk at the sound of a squawking red-billed hornbill below.

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On Patrol With The Rangers of Tangkahan - Conjour Editorial - Conservation Journal World - Feature

On Patrol With The Rangers of Tangkahan

The Leuser ecosystem is under threat, and the Rangers of Tangkahan are aiming to fix that. Follow Amy Robbins as she joins the rangers in the field, finding and relocating an endangered Orangutan.

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Penny Robartes - Photography – The Canvas to my Expressions - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - 1

Photography – The Canvas to my Expressions

My name is Penny Robartes, and I am a professional Wildlife Photographer and ORYX Photo Tour Leader. My images are an extension of who I am; my thoughts, my interpretation, my feelings.

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Warrawong Sanctuary to Reopen - Bandicoot - Conjour Editorial - 1

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary to Reopen

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills closed in 2013 after almost three decades of being open to the public. Now, the founders of Peel Zoo in Western Australia are restoring it with plans still developing for what the space can offer

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Cross Fox - vulpes vulpes - Brittany Crossman - Vulpes Vulpes - The Red Fox - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - 1

Vulpes Vulpes – The Red Fox

Wildlife Photographer Brittany Crossman spends a lot of her time with one of the most divisive species worldwide – the red fox. Here, she talks us through why she is so captivated by them, and shares some of her stunningly intimate portraits.

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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 - 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Finalists - Conjour Editorial - Feature

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

We’re excited to share that entries are now being received for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for 2017.

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Steller Sea Lion - Conjour Conservation Report - Feature

Steller Sea Lion

Waves crash upon the rocky shore, sea foam rolls over the rough sand. Gulls call out overhead and the sharp smell of salt and fish lingers in the air.

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World Environment Day 2017 - Conjour Editorial - Snow Leopard Trust - Feature

World Environment Day 2017 – Saving Snow Leopards

On World Environment Day 2017, we’d like to share some exciting news from our friends at the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program.

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4 Scarface - Bringing Home the Human - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Moira C Norris

Bringing Home the Human-Lion Conflict

What happens when a lion kills a cow? The carcass sometimes has poison put on it, as retaliation from the owner of the animal. But what if we could avoid all this?

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Greater cuban funnel eared bat - Natalus primus - ZSL - Oliver Wearn - Conjour Conservation Report - Feature

Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat

As dusk approaches, small squeaks echo through dark, hollow caves and out towards the setting sun. The inside so dark that human eyes could not adjust, the high-pitched noise of the small mammals are the only indication of life underground in Cuba.

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Eastern Quoll Transportation - Conjour In Situ Update - Port Arthur

Help Us Support Rewilding Australia

Conjour supports the work of Rewilding Australia in their aim to improve the trajectory for Australia’s wildlife, restore lost ecosystem function and species interactions, and increase ecosystem resilience to future threats.

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Finding Wildlife - Tessa Manning - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Elephant Family Zambia

Finding Wildlife

Conjour writer Tessa Manning recently spent over a month travelling across Africa to see practical conservation methods first hand. Along the way, she captured some stunning images. Here is her story.

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Malayan Tapir - Conservation Report - Conjour - Feature Image

Malayan Tapir

Slowly lumbering through the dense undergrowth of the humid Asian rainforest, the Malayan Tapirs are in trouble. These shy and odd-nosed creatures have been an integral part of the rainforest for the last 35 million years, living alongside our ancestors and the development of mankind. What is causing their numbers to decline?

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Breeding Indochinese Tiger Population Discovered - Conjour Editorial - Feature Image

Breeding Indochinese Tiger Population Discovered

For the first time in 15 years, evidence has been found of breeding tigers and cubs in eastern Thailand – and thanks to camera traps they’ve been caught on film. Here, we share with you the news from Panthera along with the breathtaking, intimate photos of these secretive cats.

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Picture Perfect - African Wild Dog Photography - Ben Leigh Photography - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Feature Image

Picture Perfect: African Wild Dog

Ben Leigh has spent a couple of special moments photographing the African wild dog – a species perhaps less famous than some of the other African carnivores, but a stunning specimen worthy of attention. These highly social animals are also the second-most endangered carnivore in South Africa, and Ben shares some of his stunning images in this photography feature.

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Earth Day 2017 - What Is Earth Day - Conjour Conservation Editorial

Earth Day 2017

You might recognise the term ‘Earth Day’ already. Earth Day 2016 did, after all, feature the signing of the historic Paris Climate Agreement. But how much do you really know about the movement and what it helps achieve?

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Finding Wildlife - Tessa Manning - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Lioness Zambia

Zambian Carnivore Programme

The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) works across three national parks in Zambia to preserve the populations of large carnivores and their habitats through research, conservation, and education. For two weeks, Conjour writer Tessa Manning joined the Luangwa Valley team in Zambia’s Eastern Province. She writes about her role helping them to transcribe collected data.

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Panamanian Golden Frog - Conjour Conservation Report - Feature

Panamanian Golden Frog

A stream in the foothills of a lush Panamanian forest is alive with the croak of frogs competing with the blaring rush of water flow; a wet and humid haven. One species, however, remains silent amidst the noise. Rich golden skin glistening with moisture, a conversation of a different kind ensues between two Panamanian golden frogs. Back and forth between one another, each waves its foreleg in slow, circular motions. An efficient solution to competing with the noise surrounding them, a mating pair is secured.

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Andreas Hemb - Moments of Magic - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Cape Buffalo and Stars

Moments of Magic

Andreas Hemb is an award-winning wildlife photographer from Sweden who, in February 2017, saw his work ‘Buffaloes and Stars’ finish top-8 in the Sony World Photography Award’s ‘Wildlife’ category. A month later, he took home ‘Best Swedish Photo’ in the Swedish National Awards. He is a passionate conservationist who talks us through where his passion comes from, and what he works towards.

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The Power of Nature - Jessica Murray - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Lesser Kudu Feature

The Power of Nature

Jessica Murray is a passionate conservation photographer who believes the key in fighting the issues facing wildlife is raising public awareness through education. In this article she talks us through what drives her, what frustrates her, and what the power of nature means in a busy, online world.

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Culling Predators May Cause More Livestock Death - Conjour Conservation Editorial - Feature Image - Dingo

Culling Predators May Cause More Livestock Death

If you’ve ever driven through central Australia, you may have seen the body of a dingo hanging prostrate from a fence. This is not an ugly reminder to avoid potential roadkill – it is a macabre symbol of a silent war against the nation’s apex predator, and that war may just have been proven pointless.

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Turn to Dust Series - Part Two - Bee-Elle Photography - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Ivory and Ashes

Turn to Dust Series: Of Ivory and Ashes

In 1989, the President of Kenya was concerned about this operational issue as much as the potential reaction of Kenyan citizens if he were to make twelve tonnes of ivory go up in flames. When Richard Leakey – the head of Kenya’s Wildlife Conservation and Management Department at the time – discussed the idea with him, Moi was hesitant and fearful it would prove to be an unpopular move, as the ivory was worth USD$3 million and the public knew how much the country could use this revenue for its own national development.

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Eric Sambol - The Great Bear Rainforest - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Grizzly Overlooking Mist - Feature

The Great Bear Rainforest

Eric Sambol has had the privilege of photographing stunning animals in breathtaking landscapes as part of his drive to showcase the importance of conservation. Here he talks about his experiences in the Great Bear Rainforest and the chilly arctic coast of Canada, and shares some of his incredible images.

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Eastern Lowland Gorilla - Grauers Gorilla - Conjour Conservation Report - Feature

Eastern Lowland Gorilla

The Eastern Lowland Gorilla is the largest living primate in the world. It is also critically endangered. Here, we explore the rainforests of the Republic of Congo to take a look into what is causing the decline of one of our closest evolutionary relatives.

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Eastern Quoll Transportation - Conjour In Situ Update - Fawn

Enabling Eastern Quoll Transportation

Thanks to a number of new partners soon to be announced, Rewilding Australia has been making big plans for continuing their work in the coming year. With the Eastern quoll extinct on mainland Australia and populations potentially in decline in Tasmania, it is vital these programs continue. Working with Devils@Cradle and Trowunna Wildlife Park, RA is expanding captive breeding facilities and Conjour is proud to be helping.

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ZSL London Zoo - Conjour Zoology Report - Feature Banner

ZSL London Zoo

Modern zoos are often considered lifeboats for the many species caught in what appears to be a sinking world. Whilst it is important to acknowledge where improvements or changes are needed, it’s equally necessary to highlight the good these organisations can and do achieve. ZSL London Zoo has many areas in which it is seeking to develop, but in situ conservation is one they’re proud to already play an active role in.

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Emma Evers - Saving South Africa - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Foxes Banner

Saving South Africa – A Photographer’s Story

Emma Evers is a passionate photographer and conservationist spending time with the amazing animals across South Africa. Here, she tells an inspiring story of how this love of wildlife came about, and what her photography aims to achieve for conservation.

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Harpy Eagle - Conjour Conservation Report - Bird of Prey - Feature Image

Harpy Eagle

High in the tree canopy, a family of Capuchin monkeys fall silent as a terrifying shadow sweeps over the forest floor. A giant apex predator scales the skies on a seven-foot wingspan, effortlessly navigating the dense rainforest of Central America.

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Leopard Snow Leopard Sharing Habitat - Conjour Editorial - Feature Image

Leopard and Snow Leopard Sharing Habitat

For the first time, footage has been recorded of what is believed to be a common leopard and a snow leopard Panthera uncia sharing the same habitat on a more than transitory basis. The findings are noteworthy as it reflects another impact of a changing climate and how this can affect different species.

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Turn to Dust series - War on Ivory - Bee-Elle - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature Feature

Turn to Dust Series: War on Ivory

The blades of a helicopter whir against the blue of the African sky. The barrel of an AK-47 juts out the door. The helicopter is loaded with a highly agile and responsive team, complete with night-vision goggles, GPS equipment and other weaponry. The helicopter is scouting for elephants.

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Giant Panda - Conjour Conservation Report - Giant Panda Close Up

Giant Panda

In the depths of the tropical, isolated mountain ranges of China, a large shadow wanders through the small village in the night, scavenging for food. Its black and white fur, familiar as a token of animal welfare to the world, keeps it concealed in the dark.

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Tasmanian Devil - Large - Conjour Conservation Report

Tasmanian Devil

A bloodcurdling scream echoes through the woods, scattering rodents and unnerving nearby campers. A small, thick body rushes forward to defend the carcass on which it feeds. The Tasmanian devil is a ferocious creature worthy of its name, but is facing extinction in the wild from a number of threats.

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Scottish Wildcat - Peter Cairns - Conjour Conservation Report IV

Our Hidden Stories 2016

At this time of year, you’ll see a lot of titles like ‘Our favourite stories of the year’ or ‘What you loved in 2016.’ But we figured that if they’re the favourites, you’ve probably already seen them, so why not show you the ones you haven’t! Here’s a list of our hidden gems, the conservation features that you might not have seen. They’re in depth, well researched, have great interviews with beautiful photos, and are of some amazing species that everyone deserves to know more about.

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alligator lizard-abronia-frosti-conjour-conservation-article

Alligator Lizard

A tongue flicks at the damp air deep in the cloud forests of Guatemala, a mysterious world where rolling mountainside is shrouded in mist and the air is cut thick with fog. The forest is cool and humid and takes no time in soaking clothes to the skin. The trees are filled with the constant hum of crickets. Suddenly, the forest is silenced by the deafening roar of a chainsaw and moments later, the subsequent crack of falling trees. This relatively undiscovered forest is home to Frost’s Alligator Lizard: a species struggling to cope in a quickly disappearing environment.

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Charlie Hamilton James - Wildlife Photographer of the year 2016 - Mammals Finalist - Conjour Editorial

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016

With almost 50,000 entries from 95 countries, winning the Wildlife Photography of the Year 2016 Grand Title is no easy feat. But then, Tim Laman’s image is no ordinary photo, capturing the endangered Bornean Orangutan some 20-odd metres up a tree. See all the winners below.

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Wild Rhino Heart - Jason Savage - Wildlife Photography Feature - Conjour VI - Rhino Photo Competition

A Wild Rhino Heart

In ‘A Wild Rhino Heart’, Australian photographer Jason Savage tells the story of what led him to capturing breathtaking images of dehorned rhinos in his new home, South Africa. This is the story of a love of conservation and a dream to bring awareness to the world.

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alligator-lizard-abronia-frosti-conjour-conservation-article-trees - Planet Earth II

What We Learned From Planet Earth II

After 117 shoots across 40 countries, BBC’s amazing crew has delivered Planet Earth II, and in doing so have shown the power of wildlife photography and documentaries in inspiring the wider public on the importance of conservation. More important than the stunning footage is what we learned from Planet Earth II, so we’ve gone through a few of the key takeaways.

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Eastern Quoll - In Situ Update - Conjour Conservation Work III

What Is The Eastern Quoll?

Following the announcement last week of our support of Rewilding Australia’s in situ conservation work, you may be wondering: what is the Eastern quoll? Well, here’s a rundown on this impressive, native Australian marsupial.

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The Impact of Roads on Wildlife - Habitat Fragmentation - Conjour Editorial

The Impact of Roads on Wildlife

The impact of roads on wildlife has been a mounting issue for a long period, but the actual extent of the damage has now been documented in a report that outlines severe habitat fragmentation.

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black rhinoceros -conjour-conservation-report

Black Rhinoceros

A solitary black rhinoceros slowly makes her way across the African plains, just as her ancestors have done for generations stretching back millions of years. Plucking at the abundance of twigs from the woody shrubs, this individual faces one devastating challenge that her ancestors did not: poachers. Particularly conspicuous, there is little refuge available for her when the poachers approach.

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First Word: Mallard

Alfie Bowen has had the opportunity to photograph a number of stunning species in his work, and here he talks us through what it is that drives him day to day, as well as how he goes about achieving a shot. He’ll also run us through a few photos, and how they came about.

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Announcement: Conjour Conservation

Conjour is delighted to announce our foray into in situ conservation work. We’ll be supporting Rewilding Australia in their work breeding an endangered Australian carnivore: the Eastern quoll.

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Detroit Zoo CZAW - Conjour Zoology Report - Conjour - Drill Gorilla

Detroit Zoo & CZAW

Zoos have made remarkable progress in improving animal welfare. Today’s zoo animals often outlive their wild counterparts and breed so prolifically that surplus offspring can be a bigger problem than fertility issues. But good welfare requires more than just physical health.

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Adelaide Zoo - Conjour Zoology Report - Entrance

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo, nestled casually in the parklands that form the heart of South Australia’s capital, is operated by ZoosSA (the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia) – a conservation charity that also runs Australia’s largest open-range zoo, Monarto. The zoo has gone from strength to strength over recent years, developing from a typical inner-city animal park to a leader in conservation projects, captive breeding and public education.

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