World Environment Day 2017 - Conjour Editorial - Snow Leopard Trust - Feature

World Environment Day 2017 – Saving Snow Leopards

On World Environment Day 2017, we’d like to share some exciting news from our friends at the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program.

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4 Scarface - Bringing Home the Human - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Moira C Norris

Bringing Home the Human-Lion Conflict

What happens when a lion kills a cow? The carcass sometimes has poison put on it, as retaliation from the owner of the animal. But what if we could avoid all this?

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Greater cuban funnel eared bat - Natalus primus - ZSL - Oliver Wearn - Conjour Conservation Report - Feature

Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat

As dusk approaches, small squeaks echo through dark, hollow caves and out towards the setting sun. The inside so dark that human eyes could not adjust, the high-pitched noise of the small mammals are the only indication of life underground in Cuba.

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Eastern Quoll Transportation - Conjour In Situ Update - Port Arthur

Help Us Support Rewilding Australia

Conjour supports the work of Rewilding Australia in their aim to improve the trajectory for Australia’s wildlife, restore lost ecosystem function and species interactions, and increase ecosystem resilience to future threats.

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Finding Wildlife - Tessa Manning - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Elephant Family Zambia

Finding Wildlife

Conjour writer Tessa Manning recently spent over a month travelling across Africa to see practical conservation methods first hand. Along the way, she captured some stunning images. Here is her story.

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Malayan Tapir - Conservation Report - Conjour - Feature Image

Malayan Tapir

Slowly lumbering through the dense undergrowth of the humid Asian rainforest, the Malayan Tapirs are in trouble. These shy and odd-nosed creatures have been an integral part of the rainforest for the last 35 million years, living alongside our ancestors and the development of mankind. What is causing their numbers to decline?

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Breeding Indochinese Tiger Population Discovered - Conjour Editorial - Feature Image

Breeding Indochinese Tiger Population Discovered

For the first time in 15 years, evidence has been found of breeding tigers and cubs in eastern Thailand – and thanks to camera traps they’ve been caught on film. Here, we share with you the news from Panthera along with the breathtaking, intimate photos of these secretive cats.

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Picture Perfect - African Wild Dog Photography - Ben Leigh Photography - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Feature Image

Picture Perfect: African Wild Dog

Ben Leigh has spent a couple of special moments photographing the African wild dog – a species perhaps less famous than some of the other African carnivores, but a stunning specimen worthy of attention. These highly social animals are also the second-most endangered carnivore in South Africa, and Ben shares some of his stunning images in this photography feature.

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Earth Day 2017 - What Is Earth Day - Conjour Conservation Editorial

Earth Day 2017

You might recognise the term ‘Earth Day’ already. Earth Day 2016 did, after all, feature the signing of the historic Paris Climate Agreement. But how much do you really know about the movement and what it helps achieve?

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Finding Wildlife - Tessa Manning - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Lioness Zambia

Zambian Carnivore Programme

The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) works across three national parks in Zambia to preserve the populations of large carnivores and their habitats through research, conservation, and education. For two weeks, Conjour writer Tessa Manning joined the Luangwa Valley team in Zambia’s Eastern Province. She writes about her role helping them to transcribe collected data.

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Panamanian Golden Frog - Conjour Conservation Report - Feature

Panamanian Golden Frog

A stream in the foothills of a lush Panamanian forest is alive with the croak of frogs competing with the blaring rush of water flow; a wet and humid haven. One species, however, remains silent amidst the noise. Rich golden skin glistening with moisture, a conversation of a different kind ensues between two Panamanian golden frogs. Back and forth between one another, each waves its foreleg in slow, circular motions. An efficient solution to competing with the noise surrounding them, a mating pair is secured.

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Andreas Hemb - Moments of Magic - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - Cape Buffalo and Stars

Moments of Magic

Andreas Hemb is an award-winning wildlife photographer from Sweden who, in February 2017, saw his work ‘Buffaloes and Stars’ finish top-8 in the Sony World Photography Award’s ‘Wildlife’ category. A month later, he took home ‘Best Swedish Photo’ in the Swedish National Awards. He is a passionate conservationist who talks us through where his passion comes from, and what he works towards.

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