Today, Rewilding Australia are launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the reintroduction of Eastern Quolls to the wild on mainland Australia. Here’s how you can help.



Over three years, starting from early 2018, 100 Eastern Quolls will be reintroduced to the wild at Booderee National Park in NSW. Researchers from ANU will be monitoring their movements to understand the needs of the quoll and help improve their survival in the wild.

The reintroduction of these gorgeous, native carnivorous marsupials to Booderee is an ambitious and exciting program. And everyone at Rewilding Australia and Conjour would love you to be part of it! Help us bring the Eastern quoll home.



Please consider donating to the crowdfunding campaign by clicking here.

Why Booderee National Park?

Reintroduction of the Eastern Quoll to Booderee National Park will facilitate research into the effectiveness of invasive predator management for successful re-establishment of locally extinct species into open landscapes. The species has only been confirmed as being detected once since the collection of a road-killed specimen from Sydney in 1963, from a specimen collected in 1989 in the Barrington Tops region of NSW. Reports from the Illawarra and Shoalhaven region in the late 1960s and early 1970s have also been documented.



Rewilding Australia thanks you for any support to the organisations and teams of researchers working hard to bring the eastern quoll home.

All images courtesy of WWF-Australia, 2017. All rights reserved.