As well as promoting conservation across the globe, Conjour supports in situ work, meaning programmes in the field. We’re proud to give financial support to Rewilding Australia to help fund the expansion of the Eastern quoll captive breeding program at Devils@Cradle and Trowunna Wildlife Park in Tasmania, Australia, with proposals under way for a reintroduction program to the mainland.


Conjour is delighted to be able to support the exciting captive breeding program underway at Devils@Cradle and Trowunna Wildlife Park. With support from Rewilding Australia and Conjour, the sanctuary is breeding the endangered carnivore, the Eastern quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus), and is developing proposals to reintroduce the species to suitable habitat across its former range.

The Eastern quoll is still relatively widespread in parts of Tasmania, although has experienced significant declines since 2000. It has fared even worse on mainland Australia, where it is believed to have become functionally extinct by the early 1960s.

From 2019, Rewilding Australia will focus on undertaking eastern quoll reintroductions to suitable islands within the former range of the species. Research will begin in 2017 on identifying islands with suitable habitat, low densities or an absence of feral predators, and suitable fire and invasive species management regimes that would allow an eastern quoll population to persist.

Conjour will be bringing you ongoing updates from the sanctuary on the captive breeding program, as well as insights into the Rewilding Australia team's progress in finding suitable reintroduction sites. Head over to the In Situ Update page for the latest news and images.


Rewilding Australia is a conservation organisation in Australia focused on ecosystem restoration, and Conjour is lending our support.

Rewilding Australia is actively restoring Australian ecosystems by returning Australia's carnivorous marsupials – quolls and devils - to the landscapes they inhabited for millennia; improving feral predator management strategies for foxes and feral cats by advocating investment in strategies that reduce the reliance on baiting and shooting; and aim to link researchers with practical wildlife reintroduction projects that deliver positive ecosystem outcomes.

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Set amongst the stunning heartland of Tasmania both Devils@Cradle and Trowunna Wildlife Park are world-class conservation facilities that focus on optimising the captive management outcomes of Australia’s three largest carnivorous marsupials: the Tasmanian devil and both the eastern and spotted-tail quolls.

The sanctuaries are part of the Tasmanian Quoll Captive Breeding Program (CBP) for eastern quolls and receive support from Rewilding Australia and, through them, from Conjour.

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